Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website


We are so proud to show you our new website stromoyracing.com. Emagine in Sandefjord has designed the site and we are superhappy with the result!

Take a look through the different pages. Here you can read the history of Strømøy Racing, read all about our drivers, the upcoming events and info about our F1 2seater project. There is a page with Q and A's of our 2seater events in Norwegian. The rest of this website will be in English to include our followers around the world.

In the webshop you can find the complete Sunglass collection and order your favourite. We will ship it to you and the payment inside Norway can be done via invoice or vipps. For our foreign customers, payment can be done by paypal or banktransfer. Later you will also be able to buy the our collection of clothes online.

Enjoy the website, share it and make sure also to follow us on facebook www.facebook.com/F1Marit and Instagram F1Marit. Thank you so much Emagine for this fantastic new platform to share news and reach our followers.