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A motivational speaker that brings energy to your event

Norwegian Marit Strømøy is the only female F1 powerboat racer in the World and a professional singer. She is an inspirational and motivational expert in performance, teamwork, resilience, and mental toughness. With her passion, determination, and expertise, Marit is a sought after motivational and inspirational speaker.

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  • 29 september 2023 01:12

    Shine bright like a diamond! All is set for a great raceweekend! Follow the action here and on Tomorrow F...

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  • 27 september 2023 07:06

    On my way to Sardinia to race, but took a detour via beautiful Krakow, Poland to be a key note speaker at a conference a...

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  • 25 september 2023 10:02

    It’s my Birthday today, and I got the perfect gift! A new sponsor! Thank you Olaris and Evan for wanting to be a part of...

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  • 24 september 2023 10:20

    Change is hard. Change is scary. But without change you’ll find yourself stuck without possibility to grow. John F. Ke...

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  • 18 september 2023 11:17

    It’s one week before raceweek and I can’t wait until this rocket hits the water in Sardinia. Are you as excited as us? ...

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