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A motivational speaker that brings energy to your event

Norwegian Marit Strømøy is the only female F1 powerboat racer in the World and a professional singer. She is an inspirational and motivational expert in performance, teamwork, resilience, and mental toughness. With her passion, determination, and expertise, Marit is a sought after motivational and inspirational speaker.

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  • 28 november 2023 08:17

    Smile!! It’s one week from raceweek! In a few days we’re off to Sharjah, UAE for the last race of the season. #roadtos...

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  • 13 november 2023 10:04

    Batteries charged, motivation on point! Soon time for some racing! In 3 weeks it’s raceweek in Sharjah💥 #roadtosharjah...

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  • 12 november 2023 07:20

    Had a talk with this guy in the pits today! Made a wish for Christmas🏁😂 I promised him I’ve been nice this year! We’r...

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  • 10 november 2023 01:29

    We’re down in Key West meeting up with friends and soaking up some racing atmosphere! It’s loud! It’s crazy and fun💥 @...

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  • 08 november 2023 06:17

    You only regret the workouts you didn’t do💥 Coach said «you’re in for s hell of a workout today». He was right😂👍It w...

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