Ramirent signs with Marit Strømøy

Ramirent signs with Marit Strømøy


It's been in the cards for a few months and we are very happy that Ramirent has signed a sponsor contract with Marit Strømøy for the reminder of the F1H2O season.

The idea for the collaboration started this winter when Marit performed at a big event where Ramirent was involved. Since then there's been more events and in June some lucky employees from Ramirent were happy passengers in the F1 2seater of Strømøy Racing. We are so exited with this new deal and hope that this is a start of a long and strong collaboration.

So what is Ramirent? You can read all about this exiting company on their website www.ramirent.com. Here is a small piece from their website: "Ramirent is a leading company in the equipment rental solutions business. Ramirent was founded in 1955 and has operations in 10 countries. Ramirent fulfils customers’ equipment rental and service needs conveniently and cost-efficiently through one of Europe’s largest equipment fleets. The product portfolio consists of a variety of access equipment, heavy machinery, site modules and equipment, light equipment including safety equipment as well as electrical and heating systems. Our service offering also includes planning, on-site services, logistics services, training and accessories."

Welcome to Strømøy Racing!

Photo: F1H2O