Marius Strand celebrates his first podium with a swim

Marius Strand celebrates his first podium with a swim


Strømøy Racing Junior drivers had a good weekend at Songe. Joakim Halvorsen did some important prop testing before the upcoming World Cup events, Live S. Gulbrandsen struggled a bit, but got some good laps in perfect conditions at Songe. But the happiest guy in the paddock was Marius Strand after securing his first podium finish in GT15.

The race was run over two days with two heats each day. Unfortunately our GT15 driver Nikolay Holtan-Andersen was missing from the GT15 lineup due to engine trouble. Missing was also F2 Driver Tobias Munthe-Kaas that was missing some parts after last weeks's barrel roll in Lithuania.

Joakim Halvorsen broke his best propeller last weekend and didn't really find the right one to replace it. However it was still fast enough to secure pole position int qualifying. In the three first heats he came second, but in the last heat he did a great move in the first lap and secured a heatwin. An overall 2nd place, but Joakim is confident for the rest of the season.

Live S. Gulbrandsen had a hard weekend. In the second heat she crashed with another boat and had some issues repairing the boat. The GT30 is very competitive this year both in number of boats and performance. Live did not have her best weekend, but she showed some impressive driving and will be back for the next race.

Marius Strand qualified third in time trials and had really found the speed in his new boat. He struggled a bit in the starts, but managed to climb positions in all heats. With one 2nd, one 3rd and two 4th, he ended 3rd overall and climbed the podium for the very first time. A very happy young man!

Strømøy Racing wants to thank the organizer at Songe for a great event. Sun, summer and smiles. That's a perfect raceweekend!