Fuelpump failure ends a great race in China

Fuelpump failure ends a great race in China


After a good qualifying session, Marit started the race in Liuzhou from 4th position. From there followed 40 laps of great racing before the fuel pump gave up and forced her to withdraw from the race. - I had a great race fighting with Torrente and Al Hameli. The fuel pump started to fail in the corners after about 20 laps, but 20 laps later it gave up completely, said Marit after the race.

Saturday's qualifying was a thriller as the drivers were fighting for positions untill the very last second both in Q1 and Q2. Marit was for a very long time down in 13-15 position in Q1 intill she set a great lap that took her to 4th in the session. In Q2 the laptimes were even tighter and Marit was in the middle of the heat and finished 5th. For the first time this year she made Q3 and got two rolling laps alone of the circuit. With a great balance in the boat, she got a good lap in and qualified 4th. Alex Carella took the pole.

The Grand Prix of Liuzhou was run in perfect waterconditions, but it was very hot and humid. Marit started between Victory Team's Ahmed Al Hameli and Team China's Phillippe Chiappe. Chiappe had a great start and jumped in front of Marit on the way down to the first turn. From there on it was a great battle between Chiappe, AL Hameli, Andersson, Torrente and Marit. Marit was for the main part of the race fighting in 5th position between the two Victory Team drivers Al Hameli and Torrente.

After about 20 laps the fuel pump started to fail. -I felt I lost power little by little in the corners. I managed to stay in the game for many laps, but was a bit worried as I noticed the problem was increasing, said Marit after the race. In lap 40 out of 48 it gave up completely and forced her to pull out from the race. - We can see from the dataloggers that the fuel pressure dropped after 16 minutes and unfortunately that lead to a DNF this time. We´ve had a great performance here in Liuzhou untill that moment, and now we're looking forward to race in Abu Dhabi, says mechanic Craig Bailey.