F1 2seater-action in Florø

F1 2seater-action in Florø


We had a big group of action seekers in our F1 2seater this weekend. The organizers in Florø had made a great event with F1 2seater action on Friday and Florø Pokerrun on Saturday.

In March during the boat exhibition in Lillestrøm, we got in contact with Henning Solheim from Florø. He told us about the Florø Pokerrun and that he had a dream to bring us there with the F1 2seater. Three months later and a long trip over the mountains, we are here and we've had a blast!

40 men and women from Florø are now new members of the 100knotsclub. With the help from a lot of local volunteers and our great 2seatercrew, the event went smoothly. Thank you Ellen and Bent for working hard under all kinds of weather and conditions. Thank you also Rolf Magne Sunde for servicing the F1 engine.

Saturday we were all invited to take part in the Pokerrun. Surrounded by fantastic nature and fantastic people we've had another great day of fast boating here in Florø.