2seater in Sandefjord, Norwegian Cup at Songe

2seater in Sandefjord, Norwegian Cup at Songe


This weekend our juniors are racing at Songe in the South of Norway. Live S.Gulbrandsen is ready with her GT30 boat. Joakim Halvorsen will compete in F4 and Marius Strand in GT15. The 2seater is ready for a new adventure in Sandefjord. Together with Sandefjord Motorbåtforening, Strømøy Racing is a part of Båtlivets Dag i Havna.

The race in Songe is due on Saturday and Sunday with two heats each day. Live and Marius have been testing a lot in the past week`s race and feel confident. Confident is also Joakim Halvorsen after being superfast at the last race in Tvedestrand.

LIve S.Gulbrandsen testing at Songe earlier this week.

Marius Strand is discussing tactis at testing in Sandefjord.

In the harbour of Sandefjord some boat enthusiasts are organizing Båtlivets Dag. Strømøy Racing will be there together with our sponsors Jotun, Smartrib, Kiwi Kilgata and Kiwi Ranvik. The F1 boat is on display and our F1 2seater will be in the water between 12.00-13.00 and 15.00-16.00. Our prebooked lists are nearly full, but you can always send an email or message on Facebook to check. If there is extra time, we will be able to take some drop in customers.

The F1 2seater is ready for more passengers this weekend.

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