GT30 Live

GT30 Live


Live S. Gulbrandsen started her racing career in 2014. Her father Kristoffer Gulbrandsen raced in the mid 90´s and for Live it was a natural step to be a powerboatracer after growing up in the racing environment. After two seasons in GT15, she moved up to the GT30 class.

Live S. Gulbrandsen tried the team's GT15 boat in the waves outside her the workshop of her grandfather "Mussi" already at the age of 12. Together with father Kristoffer they waited impatiently for her to turn 13 and be allowed to race. When she finally got to race it was full trottle already from the start. Live drives fearlessly and smart and in her first year she achieved a 4th in the Norwegian Cup and won the GP of Arendal! The year that followed she struggled a bit with the boat and decided to take the step up to the GT30 class with a bigger engine.

Live quickly adapted to the speed of the much quicker GT30 and was 2nd in the Norwegian Cup in 2016. In 2019 Live became the Norwegian Champion of GT30.

This year Live is heading for the top of GT30. Together with her father Kristoffer, mother Kristine and sister Eline they travel up and down the southern coast in hunt for new victories. 

Little sister Eline, Live and Marius testing october 2016.

Live, her father Kristoffer and F4Driver Victoria Larsen.