2-Seater Ride

2-Seater Ride


Have you ever wondered how it's like to sit inside a F1 boat in full speed? Feel adrenaline, G-forces and acceleration of 400 horsepower on a 500 kilo racing machine on water? We can make it all possible!

Strømøy Racing has built a F1 2seater boat and offers events for sponsors, racefans and adrenaline junkies. Together with our F1 driver Marit Strømøy you can experience a lap in a genuine racing boat and become a member of the exclusive 100-knotsclub.

The boat has a topspeed of around 100 knots (182 km/h), accelerate from 0-100km/h in about three seconds and with G-forces up to 6 in the turns, we can guarantee you one of the most thrilling rides of your life.

Book your ride today at info@starsonwater.com and you won´t regret it. The open events this year is at the following places: 

May 12th: Havneliv, Fredrikstad
June 14th:Drammen
July: 13th: Florø
August 3-5: Tønsberg Båtrace, to be confirmed
August 10th: Førde
August 30-31th: Sandefjord

Price: 2000 nok per passenger