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Energima and Strømøy Racing

Today we have signed a new sponsor contract with Energima. Enegima has been with us for more than a decade and we are thrilled, proud and very grateful of our collaboration.

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  • 05 oktober 2022 07:33

    Thank you for always looking after me, us, the team! After the crash in San Nazzaro, Andrea has stayed in Italy. He has ...

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  • 27 september 2022 02:18

    I get a lot of questions regarding working out and being a motorsport athlete. Some people tend to think that motorsport...

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  • 26 september 2022 06:59

    Thank you for all your messages and greetings on my Birthday yesterday! Thank you to the people in San Nazzaro for carin...

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  • 24 september 2022 10:19

    I just got released from the hospital after a big crash. After a check up, the doctor concluded that my spine is ok and ...

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