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2seater event with Ung Norge

Sunday we had a great event with Ung Norge at Lohavn in Oslo. For the first time in more than a decade Oslo could experience high speed in the city centre. Ung Norge and Strømøy Racing could deliver a thrilling day for youths less fortunate and our sponsors.

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  • 20 juli 2018 02:59 ❤ 164 likes

    Looking forward to a busy 2nd half of the season from mid September💥 All supported by our great sponsors! #energima #ma...

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  • 12 juli 2018 07:35 ❤ 267 likes

    My kind of summer👌Sun and sea! #strømøyracingcollection #stromoyracingcollection #shadesofnorway #energima

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  • 10 juli 2018 08:36 ❤ 222 likes

    What a summer! Nothing beats Norway in nice weather🌞🌞🌞 A great evening in the harbour of Oslo with my man❤️ #oslo #su...

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  • 04 juli 2018 09:29 ❤ 187 likes

    Today’s newspaper👍#strømøyracing #f1marit #stromoyracing #f1h2o #f1marit

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  • 01 juli 2018 04:42 ❤ 216 likes

    Evian you are brutal to us! Managed a 7th in a very hard race with lots of waves. All in all happy to finish in a decent...

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